Hair Photos Hair Photos 202998622 204886689 Color using pinks and purples Fashion colors using Olaplex to keep her hair healthy. 200101026 Ombre with a suttle Balayage Client wanted an Ombre and we decided to add a little Balayage to it for blending. We did a color, cut and style. 194940476 Balayage Ombre and haircut Before and after picture of a color and haircut. 196679273 202998616 Hairlocs Hair Extensions Before and after photos of Hairloc Extensions. 186437641 202998614 Chunky Blonde Highlights Before and after pictures of a chunky blonde highlights and lowlights. 186437642 Dimensional Highlights Getting rid of roots and adding beautiful dimensional highlights. 186437643 201691180 Ombre with Balayage Client was coloring her hair black for years and decided that she wanted an Ombre with some highlights. I suggested Balayage with the Ombre and this is the result. We did the color and a blow-dry. Using a one inch curling iron, I kept right side tighter with the curl and left side I ran my fingers through. Wanted to show the different looks. 194938461 High and lowlights with blowdry Client wanted to keep her greys but make it so she has a natural highlight to blend in the grey. I decided to do high and lowlights, and she loved the outcome, 194517679 197009690 Color and cut makeover Top left picture is the before and the rest of the pictures are the after from this makeover. 197661583 Cut and color Blending grey hair with a partial foil and finishing off with a complimenting cut and style. 197661584 Up Do Loose and flirty up do. 186437640 DevaCurl Haircut 200299562 Cut and color Went with a dark brown with a hint of warmth and a haircut/style. 197661655 Cut and color Make over. 200101027 Going brown for the fall. Grown out Ombre that we did a while back. Decided to go brown for the fall. 200101044 Wedding Up Style Bridal Up Style 200189458 Bridesmaid Up Style 200299670 200299561 201968714 202998619 Going from dark brown to blonde in one day using Olaplex. 201139644 Same red color in different lighting. 201139645 202998625 Blonde Decided to go blonde so we did bleach and Olaplex to keep the integrity of her hair. Toned with a metallic color line. 201968711 204886688 201968712 201968713 204886698 204886697 204886691 204886690 201968715 Blonde Lifted in one sitting using Olaplex to keep the integrity of her hair. 201968716 202998615 202998617 204886696 204886694 202998618 202998620 202998621 202998623 202998624 204886699